Accessories for Geotech products

Geotech stocks a huge range of accessories for our products, spares and to support legacy products. Take a look at the list below and simply let us know what you require, we will send it straight out to you.Temperature probe

GA5000 / GEM5000 / BIOGAS 5000 portable gas analysers


BIOGAS 300 / BIOGAS 3000 fixed gas analysers

  • Carbon Monoxide gas, 500ppm
  • Loop isolator, 4-20ma
  • Pressure regulator
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Standard spares kit
  • Auto-drain option
  • Profibus modules
  • Profinet options
  • Stainless steel regulator for Tedlar bag
  • Upgrade to 100W ATEX certified heater (110V or 240V)
  • Catchpot filter – water and particulate
  • Complete tubing assembly for replacement of cabinet tubing
  • Inline PTFE filters
  • Tubing – 5m
  • Calibration gas
  • Fuses
  • Coalescing filter
  • Calibrated sensor and / or module


G100 / G110 / G150 portable gas analysersFilters

  • Hard carry case
  • Real-time data logging software – ADM
  • Sample tube kit with filter
  • USB lead, 2m
  • Pack of 5 inlet filters
  • Temperature probe 5mm and 100mm plastic tip options
  • Mains battery charger
  • 5% CO2 balanced N2 calibration gas
  • Soda lime filter kit and CO2 scrubber
  • Humidity lead and sensor
  • Soft carry case
  • Pressure regulator kit
  • Regulator and tubing for calibration gas
  • Relative humidity probe (15mm and 4mm diameters)


Dipmeter, remediation, groundwater

  • Disposable bailers (x24)
  • Air portable petrol driven compressor
  • Cord – 100m and 250m, Teflon coated stainless steel
  • Direct readout cable for Dipperlog
  • Direct readout wellhead with mounting bracket kit
  • DO electrolyte solution for MP20 (50ml)
  • Field disposable in-line filter
  • LCD ‘Tap nTell’ digital well head level / temperature display
  • Teflon lined tubing
  • Well cap, 50mm low clearance 3/8″ discharge


GA2000 (legacy product)

  • Soft carry case
  • Inlet port filter elements (x10)
  • Inlet port filter elements (x30)
  • Temperature probe
  • Gas pod ATEX (CL2; CO; H2; H2S; HCN; NO2; SO2)


GA3000 (legacy product)

  • Catchpot with drainage tube
  • Gas flow control meter


For more information and to purchase any of our range of accessories please contact the sales team, call 0333 800 0088 or email