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Geotech’s commitment to our customers

Geotech is the market leading manufacturer and supplier of portable and fixed landfill gas and biogas analysers. Our products are rapidly becoming even more important with the growing focus on renewable energy from gas produced in anaerobic digestion and landfill sites. Learn about Geotech’s approach to manufacturing robust and reputable gas analysers across the world and how we support our customers with training, service and technical support requirements. Read more

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Measuring gases in AD and landfill – Which is the right product for your application?

With over 30 years’ experience in the landfill and biogas sector, Geotech is synonymous with gas analysis, supplying monitoring equipment to over half of the UK biogas and landfill market, with a further 4000 portable gas analysers sold throughout the world. Read more

Working for Geotech

Geotech plans, designs, manufactures, sells and supports its range of gas monitoring equipment from its base in Leamington Spa. Driven by the dynamic markets of renewable energy and environmental monitoring, we export to over 60 countries through a network of international distributors. Few employees are not involved in the stimulating work of meeting the needs of a global market on a daily basis.

With a range of specialist products and a strong global brand, Geotech are particularly well known for the design and manufacture of gas analysis equipment, and with the increasing global focus on emission management we are rapidly expanding.

As a company, we pride ourselves on developing our employees' skills and careers and much job satisfaction is generated as a result of each employee's involvement and importance to our company - you're not just a cog in a machine at Geotech, we'll give you the chance to make a difference and feel very much an important part of our success.