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Customer feedback continues to improve user experience

Geotech is due to roll out its latest firmware upgrades to its 5000 platform of portable gas analysers for landfill and biogas monitoring. Read more

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Suite of biogas events kick off business in 2016 for Geotech

Geotech is inviting colleagues, consultants and technicians with the Landfill and Biogas industry to their UK Biogas Seminar next week. Held on Thursday 28 January 2016 at their headquarters in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, the event is part of a suite of seminars being rolled out throughout the world in quarter one of 2016; similar events will be held in Malaysia and in the UK. Read more

Service process
Watch our video showing you the process your analyser goes through when you send it in for service and calibration

Inwards assessment

When your analyser arrives it is booked onto our central control database and then undergoes several initial checks:

  • Structural check - the unit is checked for any damage that may affect its operation or intrinsic safety
  • General operation - this checks the unit switches on, is operational and contains enough battery charge for further testing
  • Water ingress check - filters are checked for water ingress, flooding or blockage
  • Pump operation - the unit is tested to ensure it draws a sample
  • Inwards gas check (performed on the GA range of instruments only) - the unit is subject to a number of gas tests to create an "as received" picture. This is subsequently used to determine the accuracy of the unit.

Service / repair

Internal filters are changedAll units are subject to a comprehensive set of tests and analysis as part of the service. At this stage, any faults or concerns reported by the customer are investigated and rectified.

  • Oxygen cell is tested and replaced (if necessary)
  • Communications are tested and verified
  • Software is updated to the most recent version
  • Battery is tested and replaced if a defect is found
  • Pump is fully tested for flow fail, vacuum and leaks
  • Pressure leak and gas stability tests are performed
  • Modifications (where necessary) are made to ensure the unit is of the latest specification
  • General operational functions are tested


Units are now calibrated using our state of the art, DSEAR compliant calibration facilities. The automated calibration process uses certified gases which are traceable to national standards. Each unit is subject to a comprehensive calibration process encompassing:

  • Combination of 8 gas mixtures used to calibrate (GA units only)
  • Units are then thermally cycled to ensure necessary temperature compensations
  • Oxygen cell calibrated and verified
  • Infra-red gas channels calibrated
  • Units purged and verified using gas check values
  • Program of all the calibration information into the units
  • Automatic generation of the calibration certificate
  • Note: in the event of a unit failing, the system will identify the location of any fault/issue.

Final inspection

As part of our ongoing commitment to quality and customer service, all units are subject to a rigorous inspection prior to their return:

  • Check all service process actions have been completed
  • Verify all documentation
  • Confirm unit software and modifications comply with the latest specification / issue
  • Ensure that the unit is correctly matched with any ancillary equipment or accessories
  • Delivery addresses are confirmed to ensure that we are returning the units to the correct address
  • Unit flow is re-checked
  • Unit memory is cleared, the battery charged and the time and date set accordingly
  • Confirm and sign calibration certificate


Units are despatched from our Warwickshire premises via our preferred courier, UPS. Where suitable contact details have been supplied, an email will be sent to the recipient confirming the despatch date and the tracking number. All UK deliveries are on a next day service.

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Contact the service department on +44 (0) 1926 338111 or email service@geotech.co.uk.