Biogas contractor and generator using Geotech’s product

The plant generates biogas from the waste water of their pig farm; the biogas is used as a means for waste to energy to make the farm self-sustainable

Geotech works closely with their distributor within the Thai biogas market, currently their Thai distributor in Bangkok, Entech has delivered over 150 fixed and portable Geotech gas analysers to biogas plants throughout Thailand.

The customer’s problem

Kuewcharoen Engineering had been experiencing excess moisture build up in the gas analyser they used to monitor gas levels with their biogas process.  Due to the nature of this particular application, moisture build up is expected, however this particular influx of moisture was continuing to block the water filter and the fixed gas analysis system was displaying measurement errors.  The result was the moisture had severely damaged the analyser and consequential engine downtime for the farm.

The Geotech product

Since dealing with Entech, Kuewcharoen Engineering was introduced to Geotech’s GA3000 PLUS fixed gas monitor into their biogas operation.  The unit is robust (ATEX certified) and works well in all biogas environments, with over 400 in use globally, as well as in Thailand’s tropical monsoon climate.

The GA3000 PLUS in use

The key benefit for the farm is the built-in moisture filter, designed, amongst other things to prevent damage from water ingress and condensation.  Users can opt for the automatic drain option which drains the catch pot automatically, or they can manually empty the built-up moisture.

The company found the various communication options (4/20mA or Modbus as standard) of data logging to their site system particularly useful for their daily data analysis, in doing so they felt confident that their plant was operating correctly.