Our team


Steve Billingham

Managing Director

”The environmental gas monitoring market demands fast change and strict compliance; the ability to offer customer leading technology through products that do exactly what they say they will do is critical to staying ahead of the competition. Historically legislation driven, the modern market has a diverse set of interests from multiple sectors throughout the world and increasingly the public, where activity is associated with gas emissions, pollution and health. Compliance aside, commercial drivers are strong and environmental gas monitoring has rarely been more topical.

I see research and development as a top priority at Geotech and have a committed interest in how new technology can meet environmental monitoring needs. I encourage an aggressive product development schedule which is vital for Geotech’s organic growth and also for our customers who need the highest quality equipment, delivering the best possible results, on-time and day in, day out.

I relish the competition, the pace of change and I`m committed to success by challenging myself and the business to continually improve. The team is strong at Geotech and the momentum, energy and spirit that we possess mean that our success is in our hands.”

Dean Kavanagh

Programme Director

”I joined Geotech in 2006 as Service Manager and have worked through a number of operational roles before moving into Programme Management within the New Product Innovation (NPI) department in 2010.

No two days are the same at Geotech. We consistently challenge ourselves to be the best and hence create the best equipment for our customers. My role allows us to make quick progress and not be slowed by bureaucracy. This means that our strong efforts to improve internal and external collaboration on NPI yields excellent results and products / projects delivered quicker.

The future at Geotech is very exciting as we look to bring new products into new markets, hopefully building on the strength of our current high export contribution.”

Owen Bishop

Finance Director

”I’ve worked for Geotech since 2004.  Geotech is a very different organisation now compared to when I first joined and in particular the current directors were able to radically change the business following its acquisition by Landtec in October 2006.  Not only have we dramatically improved company profitability and efficiency but the capability, motivation and enthusiasm of staff is transformed.  There is a strong sense of shared purpose and team working which is pleasing to see.  The directors have also significantly increased Research and Development spend to levels normally associated with much larger businesses and this is now yielding results with a steady flow of new and improved products.

It’s an exciting time to be part of Geotech and great to see the steady work over recent years coming to fruition.”

Useful Contacts

Simon Sheridan

Sales Manager

“A lot has changed both in the environmental market and at Geotech since I joined in 2000.  The renewable energy markets we work in have shifted from a legislation driven business to a one with a commercial focus and this means the customer expects more from the product and the services Geotech offer.  For me is all about first class support, we now have to not only understand our customer needs from our market leading products, but also fully understand their applications and longer term support requirements . With customers globally this brings huge amounts of variety to the job and keeps it interesting for me and the sales team.  Developing the Geotech brand and continuing to take a fresh approach to how we offer customer support are at the forefront of our business now and in the future.”

Carl Harris de Melo

Service Manager

“I joined Geotech in 2014 with the objective of implementing my strong background in operational roles and process improvement to deliver consistent turnaround and exceptional customer service, servicing and calibrating instruments worldwide.  Myself and the Service Centre team are working tirelessly to exceed your expectations by delivering outstanding quality and hassle free service.

Our team here at the Geotech Service Centre take great pride in our vast experience, technical knowledge and quality of work.  When you think of the Geotech Service Centre, think of easy to deal with, competent, experienced, flexible, fast and focussed on your needs.”

Craig Millar

Project Manager

“I have worked for Geotech since 2001, starting as apprentice. I have had roles as a Service Engineer, Technical Support Engineer, and now, Project Manager. It is my responsibility to ensure that our new product development team deliver new products to the market on time, to budget, that exceed our customer’s requirements. The customer facing roles I have experienced at Geotech ensure that the customer is always at the forefront of our minds when we develop new products for the ever changing and demanding applications across the globe, and we are always looking for your valued feedback to make our products better or your working lives easier.”

Mike Holton

Quality Co-ordinator

“Since 1999, I’ve been proud to work for a forward thinking company committed to improving the environment and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Through that time, my role has been to help provide quality products and services to all Geotech’s customers.

As a manufacturer of ATEX certified products, quality has been at the forefront of Geotech’s success and with UKAS accredited calibrations customers can have confidence in the accuracy and reliability of our analysers.”

Technical Support

Anthony Li

Technical Support Engineer

“Being part of the technical support team presents new and constant challenges every day.  We work closely with the all departments here at Geotech, using your feedback and on-site experience to build upon our product range.  We are also the first line of support to any queries you may have in which we aim to react quickly and efficiently.  Whether working on future development projects or discussing instruments with consumers, our goal is to provide the user with best instrument and experience as possible.”

Tim Wilson

Senior Technical Support Engineer

“I have worked for Geotech for 30 years and during my time here have been involved in many areas of the business.  My position as Senior Technical Support Engineer is energising as no two days are alike.  I am in a position where I can assist our clients with not only how best to use our instrumentation but also to assist in many other ways.

My role takes me overseas for a fairly significant amount of time each year which is interesting as I am able to see first-hand the operations and applications where our instrumentation is used. This gives a great insight as to the challenges our clients face on a daily basis which often I am able to help with and also means I am better placed to contribute to future design requirements for our instrumentation.”

Tom Manion

Technical Support Co-ordinator

“I have worked for Geotech since 2011; I started out as an apprentice working in each department, until I came to the Technical Support team, which I’ve worked in for the last 3 years.

I have since then become Geotech’s Technical Support Coordinator, coordinating our technical support activity across the globe; from videos explaining how to perform different operations on our analysers, to training distributors on how to service our products.”