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Geotech Eyes Greater Market Potential in Malaysia’s Renewable Energy   

Leading UK manufacturer of biogas analysers focuses on nation’s palm oil and landfill sectors Kuala Lumpur, 26 May 2016 – Geotechnical Instruments Ltd. (Geotech) is enhancing its focus and investment in Malaysia and South East Asia by empowering industry players in the renewable energy sector in the region.  The United Kingdom-based manufacturer of biogas analysers…
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Why good incubator management is critical for IVF clinics

There is a large and growing number of fertility clinics throughout the UK, all registered on the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) database.  Each clinic is carefully monitored and assessed by the HFEA to ensure patients are protected and receive a service of high standard – even the clinic’s ‘Success Rates’ and ‘Inspection Reports’…
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Tapioca farming in Thailand

The group has five factories located throughout Thailand; on a typical day, they produce 2,800 tons of tapioca between them.  The crop is processed within 24 hours with their state of the art production process and turned into tapioca starch or fibre for use in the paper industry, plywood, textiles, glue and the food and…
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Biogas contractor and generator using Geotech’s product

The plant generates biogas from the waste water of their pig farm; the biogas is used as a means for waste to energy to make the farm self-sustainable Geotech works closely with their distributor within the Thai biogas market, currently their Thai distributor in Bangkok, Entech has delivered over 150 fixed and portable Geotech gas…
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China Resources Gas Group Ltd

Anaerobic fermentation project with waste water in Qidong Jiangsu Province, China.  The purification project was set up in order to connect the biogas to the city’s gas pipeline. The customer’s challenge Biogas upgrading: the Group aims to make use of what would ordinarily be a by-product – waste water.  Gas is extracted from a water…
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Beijing Guohuan Tsinghua Environment Engineering Design and Research Institute

An aerobic digestion project was commissioned on a closed landfill site in Hubei Province.  Aerobic digestion in this particular application is from a biological waste water treatment process; once sediments are removed from waste water, oxygen is used to break down the organic matter.  The site had been covered with an overlay of clean soil to…
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