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Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences (GDAAS)

There are 13 research institutes under the GDAAS, including specific foods and crops and fertilizer research. The main mission of the institution is to carry out non-profit research around agricultural science and techniques.  As one of the most important agricultural crops institutions, the Crops Research Institute has been focusing on the development of new varieties…
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LFG engine protection for Viridor

Rapid changes in landfill gas quality can damage the engines it powers.  To keep watch, Viridor has installed static automatic gas analysis and reporting equipment supplied by Geotech at its Whitehead landfill site near Manchester.  Every ten seconds the equipment measures concentrations of CH4, CO2 and O2 and outputs the data in three, 4-20 mA channel…
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Low-flow groundwater sampling on a nuclear site

Nuclear licensed site use of low-flow groundwater sampling shows: Reduced time, reduced quantity of purge water – both thus reducing cost – and reduced risk of operator contact especially with potentially radioactive-contaminated purge water thanks to a self-contained enclosed system. One of the biggest headaches on site is the purge water and the expense of…
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QED pumps are the pumps of choice at North America’s largest landfill

The Puente Hills Landfill in Los Angeles County, California, is the largest operating landfill in North America based on daily tonnage received.   Located in an unincorporated area of Los Angeles County near Whittier, California, it is owned and operated by the Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County.  It has received approximately 118 million tons…
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Norfolk County Council tackle groundwater contamination with low-flow

Geotech low flow groundwater analysis equipment has enabled quick and easy access to samples at 2m intervals down a 28m screen in deep boreholes. Elizabeth Guilford of Norfolk County Council hired the low flow kit from Geotech and used it on a Norfolk CC landfill where leachate contamination of groundwater was suspected. Samples taken at…
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G100 aids successful IVF clinic with incubator verification

About the customer Assisted Reproduction Unit based in the United Kingdom Challenge the customer faced The principal embryologist at the ARU needed an easy-to-use and reliable way of checking that the incubator’s on-board CO2 and temperature monitors could be verified. The Geotech product ARU purchased the Geotech G100 CO2 analyser and use it to demonstrate…
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