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Norfolk County Council tackle groundwater contamination with low-flow

Geotech low flow groundwater analysis equipment has enabled quick and easy access to samples at 2m intervals down a 28m screen in deep boreholes. Elizabeth Guilford of Norfolk County Council hired the low flow kit from Geotech and used it on a Norfolk CC landfill where leachate contamination of groundwater was suspected. Samples taken at…
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G100 aids successful IVF clinic with incubator verification

About the customer Assisted Reproduction Unit based in the United Kingdom Challenge the customer faced The principal embryologist at the ARU needed an easy-to-use and reliable way of checking that the incubator’s on-board CO2 and temperature monitors could be verified. The Geotech product ARU purchased the Geotech G100 CO2 analyser and use it to demonstrate…
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CO2 monitoring for Kerry Foods

How the company operates The Kerry Foods plant processes food ingredients, such as fruit conserves and confectionery sauces, which are stored and distributed in 2000 tanks. Each tank is monitored regularly for patterns of CO2 build-up.  Although CO2 levels may rise to above 1% with some foods, such as strawberry or peach, higher levels can…
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AutoPumps keep the power on for thousands of Florida Homes

Waste Management’s Springhill Regional Landfill near Campbellton, Florida generates ‘green’ energy by extracting and burning the methane in landfill gas. Its $7 million landfill gas energy (LFGE) plant, with six large Caterpillar engines running 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is capable of producing 4.8 million watts of power.  Most of the energy…
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GPS-enabled gas analyser finds & proves borehole locations

Prove it?  They can now!  Landfill technicians and environmental consultants can now find and prove borehole locations with a GPS-enhanced portable gas analyser from Geotech.  Its on-board GPS guidance system takes staff to the precise location of the 1000 it can store.  It adds the GPS-received location, date and time to the gas analysis record.…
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Monitoring landfill gas

Infrared absorption is usually the preferred method for measuring methane and carbon dioxide.  Most gases absorb radiation in the infrared region.  The wavelength of radiation that is absorbed is determined by the natural vibration frequencies of the molecule.  These natural frequencies will depend on several factors. Thus different gas molecules have different natural frequencies and…
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