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LFG pumping trials with Automatic Flare Systems (AFS)

Application Landfill gas Customer Automatic Flare Systems (AFS) Requirement Managing director at AFS, Steve Willacy said, “We want continuous landfill gas monitoring and analysis and to use a data logger to record the results from the gas analyser.” Operation AFS uses its mobile flare skid for landfill gas pumping trials to analyse the quantity and…
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Optimising biogas generation in the UK and Germany

Methane makes money.  It generates energy revenues, carbon credits and is part of bio-treatment sludge processing.  In most of the world it has only just begun.  Measuring what we are doing and being responsible with this potentially damaging greenhouse gas makes good sense. With gas production for revenue, measurement is essential.  While landfill gas analysis…
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N2O monitor for occupational health and safety

The Geotech G200 range of N2O analysers measures N2O at 0-1000ppm or at 0-100 percent with accuracy, speed and ease-of-use. With options for CO2, O2 and CO, the G200 range can assist anaesthetists and consultants in operating theatres, midwifery, dental surgeries, X-ray departments, hospital waiting rooms and veterinary surgeries with patient and occupational Health and…
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G200 detects N2O leak in sedation equipment at dental surgery

About the customer Dental practice, Dover, England Challenge the customer faced A dental engineer was sent to investigate N2O problems at the dental surgery after complaints from staff about the effects of the gas.  Previous passive monitoring in the surgery had indicated a time weighted average (TWA) of N2O at 90ppm, and a suspected leak…
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G210 verifies piped medical gases

Report in the Medical Gas Association newsletter Consultation with medical gas quality controllers (QCs) to optimise specification has lead to, “A major improvement in portable instrumentation for the analysis of medical gases,” according to Ed Doyle QC (MGPS). He reported in the August 2010 issue of the Medical Gas Association ( newsletter on his experience…
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Geotech’s G100 verifies CO2 in NHS incubators

Challenges the customer faced Before they had Geotech’s G100 CO2 incubator analyser, Stockton QC used a CO2 analyser with a collection of separate instruments for relative humidity and temperature. The Geotech product The customer bought a Geotech G100 CO2 incubator analyser.  The G100 CO2 and O2 analyser with relative humidity and twin temperature probes was…
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