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Customers recommend leachate pumps from Geotech

Application Leachate recirculation and condensate removal from gas lines Location Sites across the UK Customer H&J Pipe Jointing Services Ltd Requirement Colin Jones of H&J Pipe Jointing Services said, “We were looking to supply pumps that were fit for purpose and that did the job, and after trying other brands we soon realised that the…
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Monitoring sewage sludge AD for Southern Water

To check sludge AD, Southern Water uses portable biogas analysers specially developed for AD biogas and based on proven methane and associated gas analysis equipment from Geotech. Southern Water has an important routine; every single day it checks the health of its sewage sludge anaerobic digesters on eighteen sites across Hampshire, IoW, Sussex and Kent.…
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Biogen Greenfinch Westwood

Beyond keeping the engines running, Westwood’s CHPs have an impressive 99 percent uptime at 41 percent biogas to electricity and useable-heat efficiency. These high rates will make substantially positive profit impact over the several years of investment payback.  Watching the biogas as it comes from the gasholder and travels towards the CHPs and water heating…
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Future Biogas choose the BIOGAS 5000 and GA3000

Equipment BIOGAS 5000 portable biogas analyser and GA3000 fixed biogas analyser for Anaerobic digestion (crop digestion). It was vital for the customer to know and monitor the CH4, O2 and H2S levels on an ongoing basis; accuracy with those readings was incredibly important. The BIOGAS 5000 in use The customer generates CH4 by the anaerobic…
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Redvale Energy Park pleased with GA3000 PLUS

Application Continuous inline monitoring of incoming landfill gas Customer Redvale Energy Park Requirement The customer needed to monitor continuously for any changes in the gas composition, as they are running gas engines to generate power. The GA3000 PLUS is being used to monitor CH4, CO2 and O2 and ensure the gas composition and levels remain…
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GA3000 PLUS fixed biogas analysis system at Harper Adams

Plant manager, James Wood, wanted to monitor biogas composition automatically 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  He wanted his own independent analysis of the gas mix and to record it in detail, especially the percentage of methane, hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide. How the company uses the GA3000 PLUS product James said: “We…
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