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Palm oil processing in Malaysia

Application Biogas from palm oil Customer EnviroEquip Requirement A biogas monitoring system was required to monitor the raw biogas being produced, and to then monitor the biogas after it has been processed in a desulphurisation unit. The site uses 2 x GA3000s for this purpose. Operation The site was originally set up as a CDM…
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The importance of maintaining your fixed gas analyser

Plant technicians rigorously check for contaminants within the digester and ensure that the performance is optimised but maintaining the gas analyser monitoring the whole process is often overlooked. Many analysers are used in harsh and potentially explosive environments and so it is of paramount importance that the operation runs smoothly and safely. With simple maintenance…
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Geotech’s portable and fixed biogas monitors give worldwide reliability

Regardless of where in the world they are, from a biogas purification project with chicken manure in China to a waste water monitoring requirement in Europe, Geotech’s customers all have a common need for reliability and accuracy in the analysers measuring the quality of biogas. Geotech now has almost 70 trained distributors working in as…
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Geotech’s new fixed methane monitor is launched into the AD industry

The development of the BIOGAS 300 came as a result of a noticeable increase in companies within the agricultural industry approaching Geotech with on-farm AD site plants, looking for a simple and robust methane monitoring solution. Such a demand for methane only monitoring could be a result of the availability of funding launched in 2014…
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Are manufacturers pulling a fast one with back-to-base servicing?

Geotech’s users of environmental monitoring equipment are not alone in their frustration at having valuable equipment unavailable when they require servicing.  Is this just a money-making scam?  What do users get for their money?  By combining maximum possible local support with a 100-point factory full service schedule, Geotech believe they have the best balance of…
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