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Global expert Geotech to showcase renewable energy solutions at Oman event

Global renewable energy expert, Geotech, a QED Environmental Systems company is showcasing its market leading solutions at the Oman Energy and Water Exhibition this May. Earlier this year, the United Arab Emirates invested £134bn in clean energy projects to ensure that half of the country’s power needs could be generated from renewable sources by 2050.…
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Geotech set to showcase latest technology in Italy

International bioenergy expert Geotech will be demonstrating the latest technology in optimising biogas monitoring and analyser capabilities at its Seminario Biogas in Bologna, Italy on 21st April 2017. Geotech has firm foundations in the Italian AD market, serving clients across the landfill and biogas sectors in a partnership with distributors Lab Service Analytica, spanning more…
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Working with our clients to maximise biogas quality control

Marches Biogas Overview Two solution focused industry leaders have formed a coalition to maximise anaerobic digestion (AD) plant efficiency through enhanced biogas quality analysis and control. As the market leading gas analyser manufacturer, Geotech is constantly expanding its series of fixed and portable units. Last year Geotech and Marches Biogas came together to undertake a…
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Geotech to launch new gas analysis technology at IBBK Conference, Germany

Global bioenergy expert Geotech is unveiling the latest technology in optimising biogas monitoring and analyser capabilities at the IBBK International Conference from 8 March – 11 March 2017 in Stuttgart, Germany. Geotech specialises in the design and manufacture of gas analysis technology for maximum capital gain. Operating in over 60 countries worldwide, the global company…
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Optimising laboratory environment for successful IVF

The London Women’s Clinic in Cardiff (LWC Wales) is one of ten clinics within its group which collectively provide expert fertility treatment to families across England and Wales. When it comes to IVF and fertility treatment there is no ‘off-the-shelf’ or ‘one size fits all’ solution and, as such, the medical teams produce a bespoke fertility…
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Ensuring quality and consistency in biogas across multiple AD plants

Overview Qila Energy is a British engineering company who build Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plants throughout the British Isles.  Their revolutionary two-stage process drastically reduces the time required to produce high quality biogas from varied feedstocks.  Qila Energy is an industry leader of the UK’s farm-based AD industry producing high quality biogas that can be converted…
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