Gas source / feedstock

  • Usually household waste
  • Specific agricultural waste
  • Anything that can be broken down into CH4


Typical gas mix

  • CH4 55-75%
  • CO2 25-50%
  • H2 0-1000ppm
  • H2S 0-10,000ppm
  • NH3

geotech products used in ad research:


What is it for?

  • To develop more effective techniques for managing waste and biogas use
  • To improve the AD process
  • To optimise CH4 production


Did you know?

Datalogging is a popular function for experiments in laboratories.  Gas volumes can be an issue, some research facilities are testing very low volumes of gas which our equipment cannot detect (typical minimum volume is 200ml), however small sample methodologies can be applied.

Biogas monitoring for upgraded biomethane

By working with partners worldwide, Geotech is involved in a range of projects at the cutting edge of biogas production and processing. The latest of these is a landmark deal agreed between Marks & Spencer (M&S) and Future Biogas, a major anaerobic digestion plant operator, for the purchase of biomethane certificates. The deal sees M&S…
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Other applications

Agricultural waste AD (large scale)

Large agricultural processors install AD plant to generate revenue and dispose of biodegradable waste, which is usually a single type.

Farm waste AD (small scale)

Individual farms install AD (anaerobic digestion) plant and use for on-site heating to generate revenue and dispose of farm waste, which may be a mixture of animal and plant waste.

Mixed food waste AD

Local authorities and waste contractors install AD plants to dispose of mixed organic waste and generate revenue.

Sewage / waste water treatment AD

AD of human waste has been common in many countries for years but increasing energy costs now drive efficiency. Sewage processors are large energy users and AD can offset and help manage this.