Gas source / feedstock

  • All landfill and AD derived gas

Typical gas mix

  • CH4 10% – 60%
  • Below 10% most flares cannot operate
  • Above 40% gas is usually burned for power generation


Where does it occur?

  • Australia
  • EU

geotech’s products used in gas flaring:


what is it for?

  • Prevent emissions of CH4 that is a greenhouse gas and is an explosion risk
  • Protect damage to gas engines from poor quality gas


did you know?

You need to verify CH4 levels are constant and also protect engines when drop there is a drop of gas quality

LFG pumping trials with Automatic Flare Systems (AFS)

Application Landfill gas Customer Automatic Flare Systems (AFS) Requirement Managing director at AFS, Steve Willacy said, “We want continuous landfill gas monitoring and analysis and to use a data logger to record the results from the gas analyser.” Operation AFS uses its mobile flare skid for landfill gas pumping trials to analyse the quantity and…
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Other applications

Agricultural waste AD (large scale)

Large agricultural processors install AD plant to generate revenue and dispose of biodegradable waste, which is usually a single type.

Farm waste AD (small scale)

Individual farms install AD (anaerobic digestion) plant and use for on-site heating to generate revenue and dispose of farm waste, which may be a mixture of animal and plant waste.

Landfill gas field management

Landfill sites often produce large amounts of methane-rich gas. This should be destroyed to protect against greenhouse gas emissions but the gas is also a valuable fuel.

Landfill perimeter monitoring

Controlling potentially explosive and asphyxiant gases from escaping off site is important for meeting Health and Safety standards and protecting the local environment.

Mixed food waste AD

Local authorities and waste contractors install AD plants to dispose of mixed organic waste and generate revenue.

Sewage / waste water treatment AD

AD of human waste has been common in many countries for years but increasing energy costs now drive efficiency. Sewage processors are large energy users and AD can offset and help manage this.

Biogas upgrading

Biogas with 60% CH4 can be upgraded using various techniques. Upgraded biogas may be packaged for transport use, injected into a distribution network or piped off site.

AD Research

Many universities, government departments and specialist operators carry out research. This can be using full-scale pilot AD plants or small-scale laboratory experiments.

Remediation and Groundwater

Contamination can arise from circumstances such as fuel spills and plant leaks. We've developed equipment to help you comply with each stage of the remediation process.