Gas source

  • Piped Hospital gas
  • Ambient air monitoring for operating theatres, veterinary practises etc.
  • Various other medical applications


Typical gas mix

  • N2O 0-100ppm (G200)
  • CO 0-500ppm
  • O2 0-100%
  • CO2 0-2000ppm

geotech’s products used in medical gas monitoring:



  • Health and safety / staff well-being
  • Piped gas quality assurance
  • Ensuring the pipes are leak free


Did you know?

Failing to monitor operating theatres can lead to serious health implications for both staff and patients.  Strict legislation requires you quality check your medical gas.



G200 detects N2O leak in sedation equipment at dental surgery

About the customer Dental practice, Dover, England Challenge the customer faced A dental engineer was sent to investigate N2O problems at the dental surgery after complaints from staff about the effects of the gas. ¬†Previous passive monitoring in the surgery had indicated a time weighted average (TWA) of N2O at 90ppm, and a suspected leak…
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Other applications

Incubator verification

Geotech manufactures and supplies portable carbon dioxide monitors for use in incubator laboratories to verifiy CO2 in IVF and stem cell research applications.

CO2 Monitoring

Monitoring industrial processes, CO2 gas quality control and indoor air quality can all be achieved using Geotech's wide ranging CO2 analysers.

Medical Gas Monitoring

Geotech supports the monitoring of medical gases within dentistry, hospital and veterinary industries with hand held N2O, O2, CO2 and CO analysers.