Gas source / feedstock

  • Brownfield
  • Greenfield
  • Industrial spills and leaks

Typical gas mix

  • Gas levels will vary

Where does it occur?

  • Worldwide



what is it for?

  • Ridding land of contaminated groundwater and soil
  • Preparing land for new housing/ devolopment projects


did you know?

  • Failing to dispose / handle contamination could lead to damage to human ┬áhealth, the environment or surrounding property developments.
  • You will not be able to develop on new land until the contamination has been dealt with.
  • Inadequately dealing with contamination could lead to expensive property repairs or delays in land development.

Norfolk County Council tackle groundwater contamination with low-flow

Geotech low flow groundwater analysis equipment has enabled quick and easy access to samples at 2m intervals down a 28m screen in deep boreholes. Elizabeth Guilford of Norfolk County Council hired the low flow kit from Geotech and used it on a Norfolk CC landfill where leachate contamination of groundwater was suspected. Samples taken at…
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