Gas source / feedstock

  • Human waste water


Typical gas mix

  • CH4 55-75%
  • CO2 25-50%
  • N2 0-10%
  • H2 0-10,000ppm
  • H2S 5,000ppm – 10,000ppm
  • NH3 0-1000ppm


where does it occur?

  • Global



what is it for?

  • Heat / power on site
  • Electricity generation
  • Waste disposal



You can verify other monitoring equipment on site to ensure your process is optimised and your engine protected.  Use a portable gas analyser to check flow meters, fixed gas analysers, pressure and temperature meters.

Monitoring sewage sludge AD for Southern Water

To check sludge AD, Southern Water uses portable biogas analysers specially developed for AD biogas and based on proven methane and associated gas analysis equipment from Geotech. Southern Water has an important routine; every single day it checks the health of its sewage sludge anaerobic digesters on eighteen sites across Hampshire, IoW, Sussex and Kent.…
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Other applications

Farm waste AD (small scale)

Individual farms install AD (anaerobic digestion) plant and use for on-site heating to generate revenue and dispose of farm waste, which may be a mixture of animal and plant waste.

Remediation and Groundwater

Contamination can arise from circumstances such as fuel spills and plant leaks. We've developed equipment to help you comply with each stage of the remediation process.