Geotech announces new BIOMETHANE 3000 analyser

Biomethane is seen by many as a vitally important part of our energy future, with various quarters keen to urge its long-term deployment.  It’s part of a wider spectrum of renewable energies like biogas that are increasingly coming to the fore as the world strives for a more diversified and sustainable energy mix.

Though oil and gas prices have been the subject of much falling prices in the last two years, the previous trend towards higher natural gas prices, coupled with the demand for renewable energy, had been creating strong demand for the equipment to upgrade raw biogas to purified biomethane – and a number of industrial gas related companies are already involved in this embryonic space, particularly where the recovery and subsequent re-purposing of associated carbon dioxide (CO2) is concerned.

Today, there is a steadily growing trend for pure streams of biomethane to be injected into the mains gas grid (gas-to-grid) or used as a road fuel.  With one cubic metre of biogas at 60% methane content converting to 6.7 kWh energy, according to bioeconomy consultants NNFCC, it is easy to see why.

But this product must first be purified and subsequently monitored throughout its application for quality.  Though the exact composition of biogas depends on the type of feedstock being digested, biogas is generally a mixture of around 60% methane, 40% CO2, and traces of other contaminant gases.

Supporting this trend, gas analysis technology provider Geotech has developed the BIOMETHANE 3000 analyser to address the changing needs of its customers across the world. Due for launch in Q4 2017, the fixed in line gas analysis system is specifically designed and optimised for gas-to-grid injection.  The BIOMETHANE 3000 was created in conjunction with leading plant providers to deliver greater accuracy and confidence in gas quality for the biomethane gas analysis process.

Geotech’s Global Sales & Marketing Director, Paul Gooch, explained, “Geotech prides itself on a consistently high level of products and services and we are looking forwarding to launching our latest product innovation, the BIOMETHANE 3000, later this year, to support the upward trend in gas to grid applications within the industry.”

“Our customers told us they needed a biomethane gas-focused analyser that provided a greater level of accuracy across both methane and oxygen measurements, with significantly higher levels of methane,” he continued.  “This will help prevent expensive plant downtime and the cost of flaring off poor quality gas which adds huge costs to their operation.”

The new BIOMETHANE 3000 is regarded by Geotech as a market-leading approach to monitoring methane and oxygen range and accuracy, and incorporates a ‘hotswap’ gas monitoring module – which means that customers see ‘zero’ downtime during service and maintenance, and a new auto-calibration function.  The solution has been developed for customers worldwide and features multi-lingual menus, product literature and customer support. Gooch affirmed, “The BIOMETHANE 3000 has been specifically developed to provide our customers with the peace of mind that at first stage analysis they will have accurate readings around the 98% methane level and below the 1% oxygen level.”

To find out more please call +44(0)1926 338111 to speak to the Sales team.