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Gas analysers instrumental to the success of AD plants

The use of gas analysers in anaerobic digestion (AD) plants has sometimes been overlooked as a ‘nice to have’ – but in reality, they are essential for the safety of a plant and help improve and optimise its biological performance. Here, QED Environmental Systems’ customer Avril Banks, Director of AB-EN Environment & Energy, an independent…
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Maximising efficiency of AD plants with gas analysers

As focus around the globe is increasingly shifting towards renewable energy, anaerobic digestion (AD) has become an economically viable energy source that capitalizes on reusing our wasted materials. It is a relatively easy and natural means of turning a broad variety of complex waste into a simple fuel gas. It’s no surprise therefore, that the…
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Innovation and efficiency at the forefront of long-standing partnership

Malaby Biogas case study Overview Wiltshire-based Malaby Biogas operates one of the few independent anaerobic digestion (AD) plants in the UK, specialising in the diversion of food waste from landfill. Its Bore Hill Farm Biodigester provides a combined waste disposal and energy generation solution in one safe, clean and highly-efficient process and the facility has…