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QED transforms customer interaction with new remote access portal

Leading environmental sampling equipment manufacturer QED Environmental Systems has announced the launch of a new customer portal for its BIOGAS 3000 and BIOMETHANE 3000 analysers. The new portal aims to significantly reduce downtime, improve business productivity and further develop customer communications. Designed for QED customers, distributors and technical support teams, the cloud-based system provides remote…
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QED Environmental Systems acquires leading Italian safety instrumentation systems manufacturer

As part of its global growth strategy, leading manufacturer of environmental monitoring and remediation equipment, QED Environmental Systems has recently acquired Italian based safety instrumentation systems manufacturer – Huberg. Established in 1987, Huberg is known among industry professionals as a manufacturer of safety instrumentation systems for the gas and water mains supply. Through the years, Huberg’s…
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QED’S recruitment drive boosts strategic growth

QED Environmental Systems has announced the appointment of four new starters in its sales and marketing team at its international headquarters in the U.K. The new arrivals come as the business continues to see tremendous growth in the global environmental monitoring equipment space. As QED continues with its global focus, Martyn Hanks joins the business…
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QED set to showcase key products at Groundwater 2019 Conference

Leading manufacturer of environmental monitoring and remediation equipment, QED Environmental Systems, is gearing up for the eighth annual Groundwater conference set to take place in London this year. QED will be showcasing its award-winning Snap Sampler together with its flagship product, the En Core Soil Sampler. These products have recently been added onto QED’s portfolio…
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Drinking Water Treatment Using Air Strippers

Thursday, 28 February, 2019 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM GMT ABOUT THIS WEBINAR: Learn how air strippers are being used to remove contaminants like chlorinated solvents, disinfection by products (DBPs/ THMs) and dissolved gases at drinking water treatment facilities (DWPs). The principles behind the air stripping process are introduced and several types of stripping methods…
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Passive Ground Water Sampling and the Snap Sampler System

Thursday, 14 February, 2019 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM GMT The goal in groundwater sampling programs is to collect samples that are representative of in-situ groundwater conditions and to minimise changes in groundwater chemistry during sample collection and handling. Research and experience have shown that traditional well purging and sampling procedures can be sources of…
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