China Resources Gas Group Ltd

Anaerobic fermentation project with waste water in Qidong Jiangsu Province, China.  The purification project was set up in order to connect the biogas to the city’s gas pipeline.

The customer’s challenge

Biogas upgrading: the Group aims to make use of what would ordinarily be a by-product – waste water.  Gas is extracted from a water treatment process, using the contaminants found in waste water (energy-rich hydrocarbons – the same components that make up natural gas).  The microbes used in the treatment process eat the hydrocarbons and release their embedded energy, creating the required gas.  Once the gas is extracted it is stored in a large collection vessel.  In order for the gas to be fed into the national gas grid, it needs to be upgraded to meet the requirements of the grid.  In this scenario, the gas was made up of 60% methane and so the final step of purification upgraded it to 99% methane, suitable for resale into the national pipeline.

The Geotech product

Geotech’s Chinese distributor, Onuee, were involved in introducing a fixed gas monitoring system to check the check the quality of the gas before it goes through the gas pipeline.  Geotech’s leading fixed biogas monitor, the GA3000 PLUS was installed onto the site.  Once the system was installed the customer was able to measure levels of CH4, CO2, O2 and H2S to ensure that methane is at optimum level before injection into the pipeline.  The GA3000 PLUS was carefully chosen for this project because of its ATEX certification its robust gas analysis technology and more importantly reliable gas readings for the operator.