CO2 monitoring for Pfizer

How the company uses the G100

Pfizer uses Geotech’s G100 portable CO2 analyser to quality check their 25 medical incubators to ensure that the CO2 environments are as required. The incubators, kept at 37 degrees Celsius and five percent carbon dioxide (CO2), are manufacturer-fitted to regulate themselves and display their environments.

Using the G100 to check CO2 levels

Pfizer also used the G100 to investigate varying levels of CO2 concentration; they were varying up to three percent due to the incubator doors being opened and closed frequently. Once identified, Pfizer were able to fine-tune the incubators to ensure target CO2 concentrations were maintained. Checking the readings for each incubator’s performance is now a fast and simple job:We bought Geotech’s G100 because we had seen variable data from an experiment; we thought it could be due to fluctuating CO2 concentrations and we wanted to see if that was the case. Now we are also able to show colleagues, when checking any ‘strange’ experimental results, if the incubator environment was how it should have been at the time of the experiment”.

“Checking an incubator by attaching the G100 a sample port only takes a couple of minutes so we can do all 25 within an hour,” said Tim Stroud. “We keep a log of the readings on a spreadsheet so we can track how each incubator is performing over time. If we repeatedly had to adjust the level it may indicate that there was something for an engineer to attend to on the incubator,” he said.