Webinar 8th February

GEM5000 Training – Field Calibration


Why should the GEM5000 be field calibrated?  The GEM5000 can be checked against a known concentration of gas, to give confidence that the analyser is operating as expected at the time and conditions in which it is being used.  A field calibration should be performed if the ambient temperature changes by more than 20° Fahrenheit over the course of a monitoring day since the last field calibration. It is recommended that the instrument is regularly serviced and calibrated by LANDTEC.

When defining the frequency of user calibration, the following are factors to be considered:

• The frequency of use of the analyser
• Historical user calibration data
• Site specific requirements or conditions
• Historical understanding of expected readings on site

User calibration of a gas analyzer will greatly improve the data accuracy in the range of the calibration gases used.  This may cause less accurate readings of concentrations outside this calibrated range.  Users should select the correct calibration gas for the expected gas levels on their particular application.


• Navigating the key pad
• Overview of Gases
• Calibratin steps
• Question & Answers


• Landfill Owners, Operators, Managers
• Environmental Engineers
• Environmental Specialists
• Engineering Firms
• Energy Developers
• LFGTE Managers
• Consultants and Regulators