G100 aids successful IVF clinic with incubator verification

About the customer

Assisted Reproduction Unit based in the United Kingdom

Challenge the customer faced

The principal embryologist at the ARU needed an easy-to-use and reliable way of checking that the incubator’s on-board CO2 and temperature monitors could be verified.

The Geotech product

ARU purchased the Geotech G100 CO2 analyser and use it to demonstrate accurate and repeatable CO2 readings of the atmosphere inside the incubators.  In just a few seconds the embryologist is able to take a reading from each of the different incubator models used in the ARU, including Thermo, Sanyo and Galaxy.  Each model has a different means of sampling the air inside without fully opening the incubator inner door and adversely affecting the environment.

The G100 in use

To demonstrate the stability of the incubation conditions, the embryologist carried out a study, using the G100 to monitor CO2 levels. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) were also monitored during the project.  The embryologist found that he could confirm, using the G100, that the CO2 levels were being held at a very consistent levels, with readings varying no more than 0.1% either side of the target 6.0% CO2.