Take a look at the table to see the new features and benefits we have added by moving from the GA3000 PLUS to the new BIOGAS 3000:

 GA3000 PLUS  BIOGAS 3000
geotech_ga3000plus_gasanalyser_V2 Biogas3000_hero
 ATEX Zone 2 ATEX and IECEx Zone
 Catchpot for moisture management  Catchpot with built-in liquid level monitoring and alarm
 G2000 monitoring unit  G5000 monitoring unit
 Alarms only on single sample point system – Max 3 (inc. fault)  Alarms available on all systems – Max 8 (inc. liquid level and fault)
 4 x 4-20mA outputs, current sink  6 x 4-20mA outputs, user configurable
 On-board event log  Remote access via Ethernet (future release)
 Last sample point reading stored in memory for viewing on screen  Up to 24-hours of data stored for export (viewable over Ethernet future release)
Plus all of the other great features on the GA3000 PLUS….


  • I was about to purchase a GA3000 PLUS, can I still do that?

The GA3000 PLUS is no longer available to order, but we will match the price quote and supply you the improved BIOGAS 3000 in its place.  You will get all the features you originally needed plus more for no extra cost!

  • Why have you developed a new product?  The GA3000 PLUS suited my requirements.

As part of our product life cycle management we review obsolescence and market requirements and a number of the parts on the GA3000 PLUS will be at risk of obsolescence in the years ahead.  So by launching the new BIOGAS 3000 we can still support your GA3000 PLUS for service for many years to come.  Also the new BIOGAS 3000 has a brand new platform which will allow us to more easily adapt the analyser to changes in the market and your demands for better remote support, in field serviceability and upgrade.

  • Does the BIOGAS 3000 have all the certifications that the GA3000 PLUS has?

Yes, but better.  It now has ATEX and IECEx to Zone 2 certified by independent testing body Sira (, so now even safer and flexible to use in more areas of your site.

  • Is the BIOGAS 3000 better than the GA30000 PLUS?

Yes, it has some key improvements for sure, but it really builds on the successes of the GA3000 PLUS reliability, we have listed to our customers and added more sample points, better alarm conditions, improved moisture management and more flexible communications, as well as getting it ready for future improvements around maximising remote support.

  • Is the BIOGAS 3000 more expensive than the GA3000 PLUS?

If you order a BIOGAS 3000 in 2016 the price will be the same as GA3000 PLUS.

  • Is there a difference in the product lead time?

No, Geotech has worked hard to ensure our market leading manufacturing times of approximately 3 weeks has been matched.

  • Is there a difference in service costs?

No, you’ll be pleased to know service costs will be the same for the rest of 2016.

  • I’ve only just bought a GA3000 PLUS, are you still going to be able to support and service this unit?

Yes don’t worry, we guarantee service for a minimum of 7 years after last manufacturing date as part of our product life cycle management, which takes it though to 2023; after that date we will still continue to offer service, but on a best endeavours approach based on cost and availability of parts.

Any other questions please contact us at or call +44(0)1926 338111