Geotech achieves global accreditation on CO2 laboratory monitoring platform

A world leader in the design and manufacture of gas analysis technology, Geotech has announced that its G100 laboratory analyser has become the first in the industry to receive the international ISO 17025 certification, following detailed assessments conducted by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).


The G100 is a portable analyser used by the global medical and scientific community to enable the quick verification and validation of CO2 levels in incubators. It is of particular value to embryologists, lab technicians, scientists and stem cell researchers, who require incubators to run at a consistent temperature, humidity and levels of CO2 to maintain optimum cell growth in embryo cultures and IVF.


“Becoming the only company to offer ISO accreditation demonstrates our continued commitment to industry leading technology and accuracy,” explains Geotech’s Managing Director, Dean Kavanagh. “As a partner to the medical and scientific industries, we understand that preserving incubator integrity is vital. The G100 supports this by taking highly accurate readings, completed within a few seconds.”


Renowned for its accuracy, reliability and associated world class customer service and support, the G100 measures CO2 from 0-20%, to an accuracy of ±1% and is used to demonstrate accurate and repeatable CO2 readings of the atmosphere inside incubators.


The G100 can monitor CO2, O2, relative humidity and temperature within one portable device, making it easy and quick to verify performance, meaning fewer devices to be serviced and maintained.


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