Geotech achieves milestone sale

A world leader in the design and manufacture of gas analysis technology, Geotech has achieved a major business milestone after reporting the 5000th sale of its world-leading portable gas analysers, marking a seminal date in the company’s continuing global expansion.

The 5000th sale is the result of the successful promotion and increased awareness of the capabilities of Geotech’s key biogas and landfill products: the GA5000, GEM5000 and the BIOGAS 5000. Renowned for their accuracy, reliability and associated world class customer service and support, these products have been sold in over 60 countries across the world over the last five years.

Geotech’s GA platform includes the GA5000 landfill industry standard analyser and the GEM5000, widely used for landfill gas extraction, particularly in the USA. Additionally, the increasingly popular BIOGAS 5000, has been designed specifically for the wide range of anaerobic digestion monitoring applications from UK waste food processing to palm oil methane extraction (POME) in Southeast Asia. All three portable gas analysers promise ease in calibration, configuration and collection of data and contribute towards improved analysis and accurate reporting.

Their quality has been proven via the highest accreditation standards including ATEX, MCERTS, IECEx , CSA and UKAS Calibration (ISO17025). Beyond measuring methane (CH4), carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxygen (O2), the GA5000 and BIOGAS 5000 also measure optional gases such as hydrogen (H2), ammonia (NH3) and hydrogen sulphide (H2S). The GEM5000 is individually built to customers’ specification, meaning it can be upgraded after manufacture if circumstances change.

The GA5000 was first sold in 2012 to global experts in the water and waste sectors, Suez, whilst the 5000th sale was for the BIOGAS 5000 to Sweden’s largest distributor of accessories and consumables for chromatography, Scantec Nordic.

Geotech’s Managing Director, Dean Kavanagh explains: “Geotech prides itself on its global leader status with product innovation at the core of everything we do, believing strongly in the continued research and development of our products in order to maintain our position at the forefront of our industry.

“We also realise the importance of creating and maintaining a strong relationship with our customers and we very much value the loyalty shown to us by our clients throughout the world, which encourages our strive for excellence and has helped us to achieve this 5000th milestone.”

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