Geotech heads to Biomethane Day 2018

As conversations around the path towards a more sustainable future within industry grow, Geotech is gearing up to participate at the 2018 Biomethane Day to join discussions on the importance of biomethane for our energy future.

Biomethane Day is the largest gathering in the gas-to-grid industry that takes place annually.  This year, the focus will be to brief the industry on policy developments relevant to biomethane, including heat and transport policy, as well as new projects, innovations within the industry, research and development and green gas certification.

Geotech will be present at the event to discuss the company’s approach towards the trend for pure streams of biomethane.  Also on stand will be Geotech’s all new BIOMETHANE 3000 analyser – a state-of-the-art fixed in line gas analysis system specifically designed and optimised for gas-to-grid injection.

The acclaimed BIOMETHANE 3000 is designed to address the changing needs of Geotech customers across the world.  It is regarded by Geotech as a market-leading approach to monitoring methane and oxygen range and accuracy, and incorporates a new auto-calibration function and a ‘hotswap’ gas monitoring module – which means that customers see ‘zero’ downtime during service and maintenance.  At first stage analysis, users are expected to have accurate readings around the 98% methane level and below the 1% oxygen level.

Graham Sanders, Major Account Manager at Geotech said: “It is widely acknowledged that biomethane is a vital part of our energy future and is an intrinsic part of a spectrum of renewable energies.  We are very excited to partake in yet another Biomethane Day and look forward to networking with other industry professionals and discussing our innovation and strategic approach towards the industry moving forward.”

Biomethane Day will be held at the National Motorcycle Museum, Solihull Birmingham on 2nd May from 9am.  The event will be attended by industry professionals including organic waste producers, off grid energy users, gas suppliers, government bodies and regulators, waste management companies and more.  It is a fantastic networking opportunity and over 300 delegates are expected to be in attendance.

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