Geotech set to showcase latest technology at UK Biomethane Day

Geotech, the global leader in the design and manufacture of gas analysis technology, is to showcase its new BIOMETHANE 3000 at this year’s UK Biomethane Day on Wednesday 24th May.

As countries across the world look to renewable energy strategies and continue to apply gas-to-grid incentives UK Biomethane Day is set to be a great chance for companies to get together, discuss ideas and best practice.

Against this backdrop, Geotech will unveil its latest product, specifically designed and optimised for gas to grid injection.  Developed in conjunction with leading plant providers the BIOMETHANE 3000 has been designed for the biomethane gas analysis process delivering greater accuracy and confidence in gas quality.

Geotech spokesperson Graham Sanders said: “Our customers told us they needed a biomethane gas focused analyser that provided more accurate readings to higher levels of methane.  This will help prevent expensive plant downtime and the cost of flaring off bad gas which adds huge costs to their operation.”

The solution, the new BIOMETHANE 3000 is a market leading approach to monitoring CH4 and O2 range and accuracy. It incorporates the easy ‘hotswap’ gas monitoring module which means customers see ‘zero’ downtime during service and maintenance.  Also featured is their specially adapted unique infrared bench awarded UKAS 17025 accreditation, first developed by Geotech over 25 years ago to provide unrivalled accuracy of readings for methane in biogas applications.

Graham continues: “The BIOMETHANE 3000 has been specifically developed to provide our customers with the peace of mind that at first stage analysis they will have accurate readings around the 98% methane level and below the 1% oxygen level.”

Following Geotech’s UK Biomethane Day showcase, the global player is all set to engage international markets too, with  the BIOMETHANE 3000 solution developed for customers’  worldwide featuring multi lingual menus, product literature and local in territory service and customer support.

Dean Kavanagh, Managing Director of Geotech, said: “Where better to introduce our latest gas analyser than at this year’s UK Biomethane Day! We look forward to welcoming visitors to our stand and showcasing our BIOMETHANE 3000, before introducing our biomethane gas analysis solution to our customers across the world.”

Be the first to see Geotech’s latest technology innovation at UK Biomethane Day.  For more information about the BIOMETHANE 3000 please email or call 01926 338111.