Geotech’s G100 Made to Measure for ESHRE

Geotech will be showcasing the G100, its portable CO2 analyser designed for IVF and stem cell research, at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) event in Geneva next month.

Set against a backdrop of the Swiss Alps, fertility experts, specialists in reproductive medicine and 6,000 ESHRE members from across the world will come together from 2nd to 5th July to network with their peers and participate in scientific sessions.

At the event ESHRE, the world’s leading society in reproductive science and medicine, will appoint its new Chairman, Dr Roy Farquharson, to develop its ambitious communications strategy, which promotes sharing best practice and innovations.

As a global market leading supplier and manufacturer of gas analysers used in medical research and IVF laboratories, Geotech attends this prestigious event each year. The leadership team is looking forward to networking with industry experts, its European distribution partners and customers from across the continent that already benefit from using its G100 analyser.  ESHRE attendees are invited to visit Geotech’s stand for demonstrations and to take advantage of exclusive show offers.

The G100 is a highly accurate piece of portable, precision monitoring laboratory kit specifically designed to ensure effective incubator management.  It is an essential tool within the incubation verification process enabling users to check that incubators are working correctly and the settings within are optimal. The analyser assists embryologists in maintaining a high quality environment in the incubators, contributing to better IVF outcomes and reducing both the financial and emotional cost of lost embryos.

With relative humidity and twin temperature probes, the G100 is quick and easy to use, providing accurate CO2, O2, relative humidity and temperature readings simultaneously and enabling users to respond effectively to the immense pressures of the IVF process.  The G100 has a proven track record of improving overall success rates for clinical pregnancy and implementation.

For more information on Geotech’s range of IVF laboratory gas analysis solutions, please click here or call +44(0)1926 338111.