Geotech’s G100 verifies CO2 in NHS incubators

Challenges the customer faced

Before they had Geotech’s G100 CO2 incubator analyser, Stockton QC used a CO2 analyser with a collection of separate instruments for relative humidity and temperature.

The Geotech product

The customer bought a Geotech G100 CO2 incubator analyser.  The G100 CO2 and O2 analyser with relative humidity and twin temperature probes was specifically designed to monitor CO2 for the verification of incubators in medical, IVF-clinic, research and pharmaceutical applications. The unit was developed to incorporate the latest required technology and specifications to give users a fast, simple-to-use and accurate CO2 incubator analyser.

Ian Buckingham, gas systems and workplace monitoring specialist at Stockton QC said:

“Using one instrument is much simpler and easier. The G100 CO2 analyser works very well; any one of our team is happy to pick it up and take it to site to analyse and quality check incubators. It is much quicker now with everything all in one instrument and easier to work with the various isolators. The G100 takes up much less space and we put it right inside laminar flow cabinets, while they are in use and running.”