Geotech’s portable and fixed biogas monitors give worldwide reliability

Regardless of where in the world they are, from a biogas purification project with chicken manure in China to a waste water monitoring requirement in Europe, Geotech’s customers all have a common need for reliability and accuracy in the analysers measuring the quality of biogas.

Geotech now has almost 70 trained distributors working in as many countries.  From starting out in the UK landfill industry in the early 1990s, the company has grown a reputation as a reliable global provider of biogas analysers to support large AD plants, sites requiring water quality monitoring and small scale AD operatives alike, focusing on their specific biogas monitoring requirements.

The Netherlands

A client in the Netherlands approached Geotech when they needed to replace some old, malfunctioning equipment. Having had a good experience using Geotech’s portable biogas analysers, this customer was confident in the robust design of Geotech’s product and opted for a fixed system, the BIOGAS 3000. They commented on the system’s high operational reliability and the benefit of being able to swap the core sensor unit for a replacement, ultimately meaning that their operation didn’t suffer any down time at all.

A reliable monitoring product is essential for Geotech’s AD customers. Any downtime or inaccuracies due to undependable units can be costly – given that a 1000kW AD plant can produce around 8,000,000 kWh a year it is vital that the process runs with minimal down-time.


A new Geotech customer from Thailand, a biogas plant contractor and power generator, recently opted for the same BIOGAS 3000 model. They found that excess moisture was building up with the biogas analyser they had been using, infiltrating the analyser and leading to errors in the readings, making it unusable. Geotech’s fixed system proved to be a superior system, able to manage biogas moisture and protect the generator by monitoring and controlling H2S levels lower than the generator warranty limits. They also found the automated data outputs to their data capture interface helped to improve their process management.

Czech Republic

Geotech’s reputation has been steadily growing in the Czech Republic; a BIOGAS 5000 portable analyser customer recently reported that Geotech are seen as experts in the industry and the market appreciates the range of applications that the biogas monitoring products cover and support. Users commented that they were impressed at how easy the analyser is to measure and the accuracy gained.

In its 25th year of manufacturing gas analysers, Geotech continues to innovate by designing new analysers to meet the needs of customers and build new relationships across the world.