Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences (GDAAS)

There are 13 research institutes under the GDAAS, including specific foods and crops and fertilizer research. The main mission of the institution is to carry out non-profit research around agricultural science and techniques.  As one of the most important agricultural crops institutions, the Crops Research Institute has been focusing on the development of new varieties of crops, cultivation techniques, agro-processing technologies and biotechnology for the agricultural development of Guangdong province and south China.

The customer’s problem

The GDAAS recently embarked on a demonstration project on Shenggaibo pig farm, using fermented pig waste to make biogas.  The waste fuels an onsite biogas power generation house which produces hundreds of cubic meters of biogas each day.  The generator used to support this process and essentially generate the biogas is a 64kw generator, installed within the farm compound.

Before using Geotech’s biogas monitoring equipment, the operators on the pig farm used to catch the biogas they produced with large gas bags and then test the gas with a chromatograph.  Not only did this process work out expensive but it was particularly time consuming and inconvenient as the gas had to be taken to the laboratory to be tested.

The Geotech product

The GDAAS procured biogas analyser from Geotech’s local distributor in Shenzhen, Onuee Electronics. The BIOGAS 5000 is a portable instrument that monitors the varying biogas levels, in turn supporting the efficiency of the overall digestion process.  Portable and simple to use, the BIOGAS 5000 has provided the operators with multiple instant benefits, it quickly provided insight on the accuracy of the gas levels, which has helped the institute save time and money.