LFG pumping trials with Automatic Flare Systems (AFS)


Landfill gas


Automatic Flare Systems (AFS)


Managing director at AFS, Steve Willacy said, “We want continuous landfill gas monitoring and analysis and to use a data logger to record the results from the gas analyser.”


AFS uses its mobile flare skid for landfill gas pumping trials to analyse the quantity and composition of landfill gas.  Mounted on the skid is a Geotech GA3000 PLUS fixed gas analyser.  It monitors the untreated gases downstream from knockout pots before going onward to a flare.  “We had been using another supplier’s gas analysis equipment for about ten years and had been talking to Geotech about them producing a static gas analyser which suited our operations.  With input from us and others, Geotech developed the GA3000 PLUS using its existing proven equipment, technology and know how.  The GA3000 PLUS is doing exactly what we need it to do,” said Steve Willacy.  Since completing its latest pumping trial in Scotland, the AFS mobile flare and analysis skid with its GA3000 PLUS have been moved to Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis to carry out a pumping trial there.