The all-new 2” Quick-Change Orifice Plate Wellhead

QED’s Quick-Change Orifice Plate Wellhead has revolutionised the control of landfill gas, with more accurate measurement and precise adjustment of gas flow, especially at very low rates (under 10 scfm).  Easy orifice plate exchanges take only seconds, with no time lost shutting down the control valve or retuning the well.

The wellhead’s Precision Fine Tune Control Valve provides rigorous control of gas flow.  This unique design achieves linear flow adjustment across the entire range of valve movement.  Now the whole wellhead assembly has been upgraded, with all-new construction materials and many design enhancements. In addition to being more durable, the new system is easier to set up, use, and maintain – saving valuable time and reducing service and repair costs.

4 ways better…

 Superior Construction
Molded, glass-filled polypropylene boosts strength and increases resistance to harsh site conditions – it is UV-resistant and withstands temperatures to 200 °F.

Simple Field Service
The Precision Fine Tune Control Valve can be easily serviced without taking it in for repairs.  Just remove 4 machine screws for quick maintenance at the site.

Easier Hose Attachment
The valve’s tapered hose connection allows QED’s Solarguard Flex Hose to slide smoothly over it for fast, secure attachment.

Customisable Control Valve
New leakproof snap-together design, with no glued parts, allows the valve to be pivoted for custom orientation.

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