About QED’s AP3 AutoPump

QED’s AutoPumps are designed specifically to handle difficult conditions reliably and safely.  This includes hydrocarbon (LNAPL and dissolved phase) remediation, landfill leachate and methane condensate pumping, solvent (dissolved phase and DNAPL) cleanup, suspended solids, silts, corrosives, and high viscosities, along with high temperatures and frequent starts and stops.

Air-powered AutoPumps are proven worldwide at thousands of remediation and landfill sites, which is why AutoPumps are the number 1 choice of professionals based on reliability, durability, performance range and technical support.

Benefits of the AP3 AutoPump

  1. Based on the original automatic air-powered well pump, proven worldwide
  2. Competitive flow rates and pumping capabilities
  3. Patented, proven design for superior reliability and durability
  4. Handles solids, some solvents, hydrocarbons and corrosive conditions beyond the limits of electric pumps