About Geotech’s GA5000 portable landfill gas analyser

Designed and manufactured in the UK, more than 3,000 GA5000 portable gas analysers have been sold in 60 countries worldwide.

Built for the landfill gas market, the GA5000 is safe, reliable and ATEX, IECEx, MCERTS, CSA and UKAS calibration (ISO17025) certified. The GA5000 is used to measure critical gases such as % CH4, CO2 and O2, H2S (up to 10000ppm), NH3, H2 and CO (H2 compensated). It has been specifically designed to provide our customers with the peace of mind that at first stage analysis, they will have accurate readings of +/-0.5% after calibration for CH4 and CO2 (+/- 1% O2).

Easy to use and calibrate, the GA5000 benefits from our market leading reliability, helping you to standardise monitoring routines, whilst supporting environmental legislation compliance. The GA5000 boasts an easy-to-use menu and its reading screen displays key information concisely and clearly for essential readings and comparisons. There is also a technical assistance button which provides explanations, help and support throughout the monitoring process. This empowers users to work independently and proficiently.

As a portable landfill gas analyser, the GA5000 is lightweight and easy to carry around. The solution has been developed for customers worldwide and features multi-lingual menus, support literature and how-to videos in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish and Chinese. Other personalised settings include the sound, display and brightness of the screen.

Optional Gas Analyser Manager Software (GAM) is available to enable users to maximise the operation of the GA5000. It features a simple upload and download facility and is fully compatible with the latest Microsoft™ operating systems. Our new and improved Firmware Updater Tool – (click on Firmware Updater Tool link) allows you to skip answering numeric questions and specify data logging intervals from as low as 15 seconds. In addition to this, the gas check screen now provides bottle pressure information to prevent analyser damage and costly repair.

The GA5000 comes with a three-year warranty, with demonstrations, hire, training and technical support immediately available to all users.

Benefits of the GA5000 portable landfill gas analyser

  1. Supports environmental legislation compliance
  2. ATEX certification provides an intrinsically safe guarantee when used in potentially explosive atmospheres
  3. Market leading quality, reliability and accuracy
  4. Provides you with traceability and trends of key gas data through its supporting software
  5. Hassle free analysis: the menu guides you through the gas analysis process; calibration takes less than 3 minutes
  6. The GA5000 takes on the analysis for you: set your IDs, their order and it standardises your monitoring routines

GPS / field navigator

Choices of borehole gas flow measurement:

  • Accurate information from Geotech’s GPS system about the route taken in the gas field
  • Clear and informative instructions about distances of well head measurement points on site
  • Assurance and confidence that your data is being collected correctly and the navigator will direct you to the desired place every time
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Enables you to plan your next gas monitoring route
  • 3-axis compass: exact latitude, longitude and altitude ensures accuracy
  • Clear display of current location and next or nearest bore hole ID
  • 2000 IDs location store with multiple sites on just one analyser
  • Google Earth mapping system (via GAM software)

Used by

  • Site Technicians
  • Landfill Operators
  • Contaminated Land Technicians
  • Plant Operators
  • Project Managers


View our GA5000 Product Support area for the latest literature, FAQs, videos, software and self diagnosis wizards available.