QED’s Power Pro ESP low-flow electric sampling pump has an all-in-one design with user-friendly controls built into the reel. You won’t need a heavy AC generator – just run the Power Pro off your vehicle’s battery, or go mobile in the field using a portable 12 VDC battery. The ESP Communications ProtocolSM provides simple pump  operation with sophisticated control. The In-Water Sensor lights up when the pump is submerged, making it easy to  position the pump in the well. The Run-Dry Protection limits drawdown and prevents damage to the motor and seal. With its variable-speed brushless motor and revolutionary high-efficiency impeller, the Power Pro delivers a new  generation of performance. This unique combination  consumes 50-75% less power (based on manufacturer’s published specifications) which means less heat and lighter, more flexible power supply options. Lower power consumption lets you sample more wells than with any other electric sampling pump.* The whole system weighs 32 lbs.

(*Based on same operating conditions and battery capacity.)


  • Unique, all-in-one design
  • No need for an external AC generator
  • Variable-speed brushless motor
  • System can weigh up to 35% less than a traditional pump and controller
  • Controls built right into the reel
  • Run the Power Pro off your vehicle’s battery or go mobile in the field by using a small, portable battery
  • Uses 50-75% less power
  • Less heat, and lighter, more flexible power supply options