Soil Sampler: Disposable volumetric soil sampling

The Sampler collects, stores and delivers soil samples, all within one easy-to-use device. The airtight sealing cap prevents the loss of volatiles as the Sampler becomes its own self-contained package.

No chemicals are involved in the field.

Besides its simplicity of use, the disposable En Core Sampler avoids many of the problems of current high level VOC soil collection techniques, including:

  • The Sampler eliminates the need for methanol preservation.
  • The Sampler eliminates the need for preservation with sodium bisulfate.
  • Most importantly, the Sampler avoids many sources for lab discrepancies, thus assuring more consistent and accurate analyses.

The disposable En Core Sampler is designed for one-time use only.  Complete sampling instructions are included in each packet.

En Core Sampler Starter Kit

Kit Contains:

  • 1 T-Handle.
  • 12 En Core® Samplers.
  • 1 Demo Sampler.
  • Terra Core® Sampler general soil sampling.

The Terra Core® is a one-time use transfer tool, designed to easily take soil samples and transfer them to the appropriate containers for in-field chemical preservation.

It is a cost effective, time saving, disposable transfer tool for soil sampling as described in USEPA SW-846 Method 5035. The Terra Core Sampler delivers an approximate 5 gram or 10 gram sample. The Terra Core’s rugged all-in-one design eliminates the need for a separate handle. No more cut off syringes!

The Sampler is available in a case of 100 disposable samplers.

EasyDraw Syringe® & PowerStop Handle®

The most versatile, disposable soil sampling system available for field preservation. A Simple Solution for soil sampling as described in EPA SW-846 Method 5035A and many other methods!

  • PowerStop Handle is reusable.
  • Ability to take 5, 10 & 13 gram soil samples with one handle.
  • Adjustable settings to compensate for various soil types.
  • Sturdy handle makes sampling easy in all soil types.
  • EasyDraw Syringe doubles as a dry weight sample container and collection tool.
  • EasyDraw Syringes meet demanding performance & cleanliness standards.

The EasyDraw is available in a case of 100 disposable syringes.