QED adds Snap Sampler® to its Groundwater sampling range

QED Environmental Systems has added the award-winning Snap Sampler® to its range of innovative environmental products, offering customers a brand-new, efficient and highly accurate way to sample groundwater.

The Snap Sampler® is a passive groundwater sampling system which is designed to provide users with the highest accuracy while also reducing sampling programme costs. It uses an innovative double-ended bottle design with ‘snap’ sealing caps that captures a sample under in-situ conditions using a simple mechanical or pneumatic trigger at the surface.

The Snap Sampler technology was created in 2004 when practicing hydrogeologists were studying the science behind factors that were impacting sampling variations. The state-of-the-art technology was introduced as an additional sampling method that could address these factors and deliver a better-quality sampling method.

Using the Snap Sampler®, the integrity of the sample can be maintained throughout analysis at the laboratory, without exposure to air or potential contaminants. Samples are wholly representative of ground water chemistry, eliminating the need for well purging or purge water management.

Since its introduction, the Snap Sampler has continuously delivered high quality samples in an ever-increasing market. Developed by ProHydro – based in Chaska, Maine – the Snap Sampler® has been awarded the US National Ground Water Association’s prestigious Equipment Design Award for safety, efficiency and ease of operation.

QED has acquired the Snap Sampler® from ProHydro to allow the company to include this innovative technology within its market leading range of environmental products and to provide customers with an additional advanced option when it comes to sampling programs.

David Kaminski, Senior Vice President of QED and Product Manager for the company’s GroundWater and Soil Sampling products said: “The Snap Sampler provides the highest quality passive samples for the widest range of applications, while saving valuable field time. It works effectively in conjunction with many of our other established products – such as the Well Wizard® and Sample Pro® low-flow sampling bladder pump systems – that customers have been using for over 35 years so it’s a perfect fit for our portfolio.”

Sandy Britt, owner of ProHydro and inventor of the Snap Sampler technology said: “I think that existing Snap Sampler customers will benefit greatly from QED’s wide range of solutions, resources and strong customer service reputation. I’m looking forward to working with the QED team and presenting the Snap Sampler technology to QED’s customer base of ground water professionals.”

The addition of Snap Sampler® into QED’s portfolio of environmental products, follows its recent acquisition of Geotech, a global leader in the design and manufacture of gas analysis technology and stat-of-the-art land remediation and groundwater instruments. With a vast network of established international distributors, Geotech supplies and supports its customers in over 60 countries throughout the world and substantially improves QED’s expertise and offering on this subject to the wider global market.

Founded in the USA, Q.E.D. Environmental Systems is a leading manufacturer of innovative environmental products and a subsidiary of Graco Inc. For more information about QED or the Snap Sampler®, visit www.SnapSampler.com or www.qedenv.com

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