React Environmental use GA3000 PLUS to measure methane

The company uses Geotech’s GA3000 (now superseded by GA3000 PLUS) fixed biogas analyser to monitor methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen and hydrogen sulphide.

React’s anaerobic digestion plant incorporates a patented separated hydrolysis system that converts organic material into renewable energy. This is an important evolution in the principal biological process which is common to anaerobic digestion plants.
The process and monitoring systems enable maximum constant yields of biogas to be maintained. The overall efficiency is increased, typically up to 30% better than existing methods – with less operator supervision required.

The GA3000 in use

The system is scalable and straightforward to install and opens a new market for local treatment plants for feedstock such as municipal household, institutional, process and commercial food wastes.

React is set to roll out the pioneering compact food waste treatment plants following extensive trials of a demonstrator in South West Wales.