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Biogas analysis can help optimise digester operation and maximise methane production.  It assists process control, which can help protect CHP engines from H2S and moisture damage.  As a result, it ensures that methane is produced efficiently, ultimately generating revenue.

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Geotech’s biogas products:


Biogas is the result of a mixture of different gases being produced when organic matter is broken down in the absence of oxygen.  Biogas can be produced from livestock and agricultural waste (such as manure, municipal waste and sewage), food production (food and brewery waste and much more) and wastewater treatment plants.  Biogas can be produced by anaerobic digestion with anaerobic organisms, which digest waste inside a closed environment.

The agricultural industry uses anaerobic digestion plants and biogas power plants and to turn the biogas into renewable energy as well as disposing of organic waste.  A common use is to convert the energy in the gas into heat and electricity.

Monitoring sewage sludge AD for Southern Water

To check sludge AD, Southern Water uses portable biogas analysers specially developed for AD biogas and based on proven methane and associated gas analysis equipment from Geotech. Southern Water has an important routine; every single day it checks the health of its sewage sludge anaerobic digesters on eighteen sites across Hampshire, IoW, Sussex and Kent.…
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If 20 million tonnes of food waste were used to generate electricity through AD rather than being sent to landfill, the carbon saving would be around 3.4 million tonnes per year. *Source: energen biogas

Other sectors


We have over 30 years’ experience of monitoring gases and liquids on landfill sites, working closely with businesses to offer reliable and sophisticated gas analysers, gas monitoring systems and data management software.

CO2 Monitoring

CO2 occur naturally in air at approximately 400ppm, this increases in offices and buildings, especially if poorly ventilated, because of this you cannot zero calibrate the CO2 value on Geotech analysers as this would cause a negative offset and false reading.

Land Remediation

Contamination can arise from a number of circumstances, including fuel spills and plant leaks.  Land remediation is a likely scenario in the development of brownfield sites and is subject to legislative standards.

Medical Gas

Verification of piped medical gases (N2O and O2) within medical, dental and veterinary environments can be achieved with our G210 portable N2O analyser, and our G200 is used for monitoring background levels of anaesthetic gases.


Geotech supplies a wide range of water sampling, water quality and level measurement solutions. We are able to offer you a solution on how to sample, monitor, extract and separate contaminants from within your water.