Staff working in medical environments can be at risk of long term exposure to nitrous oxide (N2O).  It is therefore essential that the maximum acceptable exposure level across an eight-hour period (time weighted average) is adhered to.

Piped gases (a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen) are frequently used as a sedative in medical facilities, as well as acting as an aid for breathing.  The gases used must be of a high quality with no contamination.

Geotech’s medical gas products:


Occupational exposure limits can be monitored using Geotech’s G200 background N2O analyser with trigger alarms, which can also be used as a personal monitor to measure the levels of N2O within a user’s breathing zone.

Our G210 portable N2O analyser for verification of medical gas is ideal for these monitoring purposes, accurately confirming levels of N2O, O2, CO2 and CO as well as ensuring that there are no leaks in the piping from the gas source.

G200 detects N2O leak in sedation equipment at dental surgery

About the customer Dental practice, Dover, England Challenge the customer faced A dental engineer was sent to investigate N2O problems at the dental surgery after complaints from staff about the effects of the gas.  Previous passive monitoring in the surgery had indicated a time weighted average (TWA) of N2O at 90ppm, and a suspected leak…
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Nitrous oxide used at the dentist is usually a mixture of 70% oxygen and 30% nitrous oxide.  Many dentists offer scented ‘laughing gas’ nitrous oxide to their patients.  Scents include strawberry, vanilla and mint.

Other sectors


Geotech is the market leading supplier of anaerobic digestion gas monitoring equipment in the UK. We supply portable and fixed gas monitoring solutions for anaerobic digestion operations throughout the world.


We have over 30 years’ experience of monitoring gases and liquids on landfill sites, working closely with businesses to offer reliable and sophisticated gas analysers, gas monitoring systems and data management software.

CO2 Monitoring

CO2 occur naturally in air at approximately 400ppm, this increases in offices and buildings, especially if poorly ventilated, because of this you cannot zero calibrate the CO2 value on Geotech analysers as this would cause a negative offset and false reading.

Land Remediation

Contamination can arise from a number of circumstances, including fuel spills and plant leaks.  Land remediation is a likely scenario in the development of brownfield sites and is subject to legislative standards.


Geotech supplies a wide range of water sampling, water quality and level measurement solutions. We are able to offer you a solution on how to sample, monitor, extract and separate contaminants from within your water.