Returning your analyser for servicing

I would like to organise a collection for my analyser. How do I do this?

Simply go to the Fast Track Collections page and complete the mandatory fields and submit the form. You will then have a label to print, attach to your package and wait for collection. Alternatively you can take your unit to your nearest UPS drop off point. Please ensure your unit is in a cardboard box, and that the shipping label is securely fixed.


How can I know when my analyser is due for servicing?

Geotech understands the need to ensure compliance and therefore the following methods are available: during the Power-On-Self-Test (POST) process, the date of next service is detailed on the analyser’s screen.  The information screen of your analyser also displays this.  You can check here and go to TRACK YOUR UNIT, plus we will send you a text message and email.  Alternatively, please contact us or your local Geotech representative.

How do I return my unit for servicing?

There is no need to book your unit in to the Service Centre.  Simply print and complete the Service return form.  For G100/G110/G150/G200/G210, use the Service Return form GXXX and enclose it within your unit’s case, print out the Service return label and attach it to the case / package to be returned to Geotech.  Did you know that we can arrange your collections for you? (refer to How do I arrange for my analyser to be collected)

How long will my analyser be away for?

Geotech are committed to servicing equipment in the quickest time possible.  Our current service turnaround time is 11 day(s).

I’m not in the UK, how do I arrange for the service of my analyser(s)?

Click here to find your nearest Geotech representative who can assist you.  Should this not be possible, please contact our office by phone or email and we will ensure you’re fully supported.

I’ve received my instrument back and it has an issue – what should I do?

Firstly, we’re sorry that you’re experiencing issues but rest assured we will aim to get any issues resolved ASAP.  Please contact our Technical Support Team by phone – +44(0) 1926 338111 (select option 4) or by email – technical@geotech.co.uk

Will I be kept informed during the Service process?

We will maintain contact with you throughout the Service process, For example, you will receive an automated email confirmation when your unit comes in to us, plus your estimated dispatch date.  We will also inform you when your unit is dispatched via text message, plus If there are any delays we will contact you.  At any point, you can also click here and go to TRACK YOUR UNIT.

How do I contact the Service Centre?

We’re available on the phone – +44(0) 1926 338111 (select option 3) or by email – service@geotech.co.uk

Hire information

Can I hire an analyser whilst mine is being serviced?

Geotech provides hire analysers for a number of different options, including a fixed, all-inclusive price for the duration of your service. Please call us on +44(0) 1926 338111 (select option 4) or email hire@geotech.co.uk and we’ll ensure you experience no downtime during service.  If you’re a GA3000 PLUS user, we can also support with our ‘Hot Swap’ unit.

Can I return my analyser early from hire?

Please contact our Customer Service Team to agree any changes.

Do I get support for a hire analyser?

Of course!  As a Geotech hire customer, you will have direct access to our experienced and knowledgeable technical support staff who will be able to assist you should you have any concerns.

What’s included in the hire?

When you hire an instrument from Geotech, we want the process to be as efficient as possible.  You get our very latest gas analyser, regularly maintained to our high standards, accurately calibrated to UKAS 17025, fully loaded with features as well as a full range of accessories.  To help make the process as smooth as possible we cover the carriage costs in both directions.

What happens if the instrument is lost or damaged whilst on hire?

Where damage to the instrument is a result of operation or usage outside the recommendations made by Geotech, we reserve the right to charge for any works necessary to restore the instrument to a ‘fit-for-hire’ condition.  In the event an instrument is lost by the hirer, please notify our Customer Service Team as soon as possiblee who will take you through the next steps, which may ultimately result in the hirer paying the cost to replace the instrument.

About Geotech's Service Centre

What does the ISO17025 Calibration mean?

This provides the ultimate confidence that the calibration process employed at Geotech has been assessed, validated and ultimately certificated to a national and internationally recognised Quality standard.  Rest assured too that this applies to the calibration performed at our Landtec facilities.

What does a full factory service and calibration consist of?

The full factory service and calibration consist of thorough analyser assessment, service and repair, recalibration, test and verification. Please follow this link for further details or contact service@geotech.co.uk

How do I order spares with my Service?

We try to ensure we provide a flexible approach to the ordering reordering of spares for your equipment.  You can do either of the following: fill in the rear of the Service Return Form or provide a separate approved Purchase Order, detailing the parts and prices.  In the event you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I’m not in the UK, how do I arrange for the service of my analyser(s)?

Click here to find your nearest Geotech representative who can assist you.  Should this not be possible, please contact our office by phone or email and we will ensure you’re fully supported.

What information will I receive back from the Service Centre with my analyser?

We will provide a Calibration Certificate, Service Report, including specific feedback on your analyser.  Also we will give you a Service Return Form and Priority Return label that can be utilised for your next analyser return.