The importance of maintaining your fixed gas analyser

Plant technicians rigorously check for contaminants within the digester and ensure that the performance is optimised but maintaining the gas analyser monitoring the whole process is often overlooked. Many analysers are used in harsh and potentially explosive environments and so it is of paramount importance that the operation runs smoothly and safely.

With simple maintenance of your fixed gas analyser you can rest assured that your process is running at its optimum. Geotech’s fixed gas monitoring system, the GA3000 PLUS is robust and an integral part of the smooth running of many AD sites across the globe. Designed to be configured to your specific site requirements, the system will support the continual or intermittent monitoring of your process.

Can you afford to not maintain your analysis equipment? You risk the following:

  • expensive unbudgeted repairs and call outs for service engineers
  • engine downtime costs you money
  • potential unreliable readings affect CH4 production at your AD plant
  • risk of rising O2 and H2S levels could lead to costly engine repairs
  • reduced product life of fixed analyser


Support and best practice

Although the fixed analyser is designed to be robust and reliable Geotech recommends yearly maintenance to avoid any costly down time. Through many years of supporting AD and landfill sites across the globe, we have seen many examples of companies who ignore the maintenance of their analyser. Consequently when their process fails it often leads to a costly and lengthy down time which could have been avoided.

Important considerations when planning your site and analysis equipment:

  1. Moisture control: have you considered gas conditioning, appropriate filtration and heated gas lines to ensure moisture doesn’t damage your system?
  2. Unit installation: has the installation been carefully planned? Are you confident that the unit is installed in the appropriate location on site? Do you have correct gas line connections?
  3. Gases produced: what control measure do you have in place for corrosive gases? Have you considered desulphurisation?


Geotech technical team and global distributor network can offer local support to help you in planning which GA3000 PLUS analyser best suits your needs.


By taking out Geotech’s maintenance package you immediately reduce the risk of unbudgeted costs for downtime on your AD plant.

  • The GA3000 PLUS’s core sensor unit can be replaced by a spare unit whilst your unit is serviced, minimising any system down time
  • A yearly maintenance contract prevents expensive and unexpected costs
  • We offer replacement parts which can be sent to site worldwide for quick swap out
  • Geotech’s Technical Support team is available to offer remote fixes instead of charging costly call-out fees
  • We offer training and support pre and post purchase, plus we will guide you with any technical queries you have relating to how your analyser can meet your specific requirements