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Landfill and biogas

Geotech currently supplies the gas monitoring equipment for nearly 50% of UK anaerobic digestion, and we are market leaders in UK landfill gas monitoring and biogas analysis.



Groundwater is an important resource, so having accurate instruments for water quality monitoring is vital. Geotech supplies a range of instruments for groundwater monitoring and sampling.


Land remediation

Geotech has developed equipment for each stage of the remediation process, from identifying contamination to gas leak detection and the treatment of contaminated liquid.


CO2 monitoring

Our portable CO2 monitors are used in a variety of applications. Also measuring O2, temperature and humidity, they are versatile instruments for laboratories worldwide.


Medical gas

Verification of piped medical gases (N2O and O2) can be achieved with Geotech's G210 portable N2O analyser, and our G200 can be used for monitoring background levels of anaesthetic gases.

Medical gas

Coal mine methane

Geotech has developed gas monitoring products to optimise power generation from the natural gas released during mining, as well as for low concentration methane purposes.

Coal mine

Outdoor air quality

Currently working in partnership with a team from the University of Cambridge, Geotech will soon be launching a new air quality monitoring system for a range of gases.

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The importance of monitoring biogas


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Find out how Geotech's fixed biogas monitoring equipment and portable biogas monitoring equipment can help your business operation.

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Monitoring medical gases? See how our instruments could help

19 Feb

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Measuring gases in AD and landfill – Which is the right product for your application?

With over 30 years’ experience in the landfill and biogas sector, Geotech is synonymous with gas analysis, supplying monitoring equipment to over half of the UK biogas and landfill market, with a further 4000 portable gas analysers sold throughout the world. Read more

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Geotech's GA5000 plays its part in the drive to reduce waste to landfill

Geotech’s GA5000 landfill gas analyser is increasingly used on closed landfill sites as policies, including waste separation, take effect around the world, reducing the volume of waste sent to landfill. UK-based Exea Associates uses the GA5000 to maximum effect to understand the changing gas mix and pressures as landfill gas generation slows on a site. Read more